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live like an Italian! let the mentality of il dolce far niente guide you on your wellness journey. what can we learn from the Italians about personal well being? we can learn that simple is often best. we can learn that time spent in community surrounded by loved ones is the most nourishing thing for our hungry souls. we can learn that the most thought-provoking, life-changing experiences can take place over a delicious and thoughtfully prepared meal. we can learn that il dolce far niente (the sweet joy of doing nothing) is often where the biggest transformations start to blossom. are you ready to dive in with us? andiamo!

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Boasting luxury amenities and rich in various interesting experiences, the understanding of travel and wellness in the USA takes the best from diverse cultures from around the world. it is the perfect location to combine wellness with pleasure. allow yourself to be guided by our expert leaders and give yourself the richest luxury we know of: time. we believe that finding an inner state of well-being is the fundamental first step to living a richer, wholler and more thoughtfully curated life. in order to find inner calm, we believe in allowing yourself to be truly pampered on a retreat, so that you may take that feeling out with you into the world. wouldn’t you like to experience a surrender into self-care? 

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imagine this: you’re in a luxury villa looking out over a sparkling blue sea, there is a glass of wine in your hand and a smile on your face, the people around you have golden hour light dancing across their bodies. the food on the table is fresh and locally sourced, you are being nourished from the inside out. you have spent your day taking care of your body, you will spend the evening taking care of your soul and your spirit. as you commune, the sound of laughter reverberates and there is the familiar hum of conversation, strangers who have become dear friends. gathered around this beautiful table, everyone feels comfortable sharing words of wisdom, sharing their lives and sharing the ways they have grown. you are in Greece!

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costa rica

known for its motto 'pura vida', costa rica embraces the art of slow living. a deliberate choice to enjoy the simple pleasures in life and appreciate the details of the world around you. slow living is the all-encompassing global movement that encourages pausing and resting with as much gusto as the rest of the world tends towards encouraging hustle and productivity culture. when we live slowly, we also commit to traveling consciously and deliberately. slow living is tied into the slow travel movement which is where wellness retreats, workations, and all kinds of other long holiday trips come in. living ‘slow’ is a deliberate choice to be  more gentle with how you spend your days, your weeks, your months, and even your years. it’s a perfect philosophy. and it’s easy to replicate when you know the correct elements. pura vida!

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Mexico is a beautiful and diverse country with many things to offer visitors, whether they go to visit the local beaches famous all over the world for hospitality and beauty, or historical cities of pre-Spanish colonization. You will find many archeological sites and rich culture of the Maya civilization, Olmec, Tarascan and Azteca.

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 Spain is the perfect destination for adventurers, gourmands, as well as art lovers. From century-old festivals to different distractions offered by the island of Ibiza and Mallorca, and from Moorish and roman art and architecture to Picasso and Juan Miro, travelers will enjoy a unique diversity.